Videos for Conferences and Events

An engaging and informative video of your conference dramatically increases the reach of your next event and maximises its return on investment.


Video Vault regularly produce video of conferences, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, award ceremonies, product launches and expos.

Whether you require a single camera coverage of your event, or a multi-camera coverage, we've got a package for you.



Business in Heels Business Solutions SUMMIT

EVENT PROMO 🎬 Video for Presenters


We are very proud to be a part of 2020 Business Solutions SUMMIT organised by Business in Heels.

This is a fantastic opportunity especially for presenters to have their Event Promo Video created. Whether it is a workshop, seminar or a keynote speech, your Event Video will  show you in action, provide a social proof and help you increase attendance for your future events.

Use this video to show and tell them how your product or services are going to help them. 
Also, give an opportunity to people considering attending your event to recognise why attending your event will be valuable for them or for their business.

Why is this price so great?  Simply put, we are already there, we are filming a Promo for the Summit and also exhibiting there,

so you don't need to pay for that part of the production, all the logistics and set up.

Obviously our time on the day is limited and we've got time to cover only 3 to 5 videos/businesses, depending on the schedule of your presentation, so availability is on first in - best dressed basis.

For more details about this video and to place your booking, please call on 0410 592 256 or shoot me an email -


The above deal is designed specifically for Presenters, and for all other sponsors and exhibitors, we have other products, so please contact us to discuss what can we do for you too.

(3 Sample videos available above on this page - (APCO, Small Business Smart Business and GMHBA)



Testimonial Event Video

Event Video  SPECIAL!

SPECIAL offer for all local

businesses involved with 2019

Geelong Small Business Festival.

Coverage (production only) starts 

from only $297 , ideal for businesses that want to start building their footage portfolio for future video projects (promotional video, corporate video or similar).


We also adjusted our EVENT PROMO

PACKAGE ($880) and reduced it to only $770.

See further below for full details on our Event Video Package.

It's a fantastic opportunity to start using video in your marketing, and attracting more attendees to your future events or to follow up with your attendees after the event and keep the conversation going.

To book your video coverage, please contact us on 0410 592 256 or just shoot us an email.



Innovabiz  Satisfied EVENT LAUNCHER customer

Purpose of this video is to get bums on seats, to attract more people to your event.

Use this video to give a sneak peek to the content of your event and how attending this event your attandees are going to benefit. 

Before the actual event


Make an engaging Call To Action and share this video in weeks prior to the event.
Today is very easy to embed video into your website or share it on Facebook or other social media networks.


Event Launcher can also be a series of short videos that you are going to release over time, build momentum, start conversation way before the event start and develop a strong connection with your attendees.

Prices start from only $220